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new thoughts

chiffon( transparencies) : the body
             stiff/ soft
             light/ heavy
             contrasting weights

opaque: heavy to the body on the body next to the body

soft body on hard surface
hard body on soft surface
soft body on soft surface
hard body on hard surface

push/ push

nature: fluid/ solid
            fluid/ fluid
            solid/ solid

technological:fluid/ solid
                      fluid/ fluid
                      solid/ solid

absorption of all light: white
no light: black
middle grounds...?
white/white/white: black/black/black


 Landon Metz

Gerry Judah

Im so fucking excited about these chairs!!!!  It sort of reminds me of these studies I did back at SMFA. I would love to get back into the furniture studies.
And so excited about these contrasting choices ( I can't contain my excitement for  nature and man made contrasts) By Noemie Goudal

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

finish gc drawing ( plot plan from email)
write spinoza response paper
geometry drawings 2- think about model

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brain contents: writing, thinking thoughts


a draft through the door hitting the floor
cold ankles - cankles spankles
Spank you Thank you but mostly spank you
for entertaining me ( and for other things)
i haven't played this game in a while
not since before my 21st birthday
the number 21 is interesting
it doesn't change you
its raining- i cant tell if i like it more than perpetual waters
or more than sky

i like when sky meets water
or when clouds meet mountains
sky and mountains are best friends
and water and sand are best friends
they move perpetually but they still are best friends
they always meet again
things arent ever over between them
the line remains relentlessly untouched but touched
by the relationship between air and water
or fluid solids or solid solids next to fluid fluids
or fluids with solid fluids

its like what one has the other doesnt and thats why they need eachother
otherwise where does one thing end and one thing begin? OR
how can you understand one from another if one is next to what it is rather than what it is NOT.
I can understand things by what they are not,
not by what they are.
i know hard things when they are next to soft, you get it?
its sort of like recognition through process of elimination
or articulating the existence of an entity based on what it is not

moving things and still things are also really interesting
to understand
or things that fly
dense things
or really really light things
and the in between things
or the thingness of an thing and by thing i mean idea

Sunday, April 10, 2011

photograph work
drawing assignments
geometry ( hurry)
studio infra structure
history project