Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh hello

I can't wait to go back home to Miami to build raised beds for a new vegetable garden- this time I won't have a single hesitation and I will post it all here. So next week I have my final review board- my final review board ever actually because I accepted the offer to attend Cooper Union ( which I am extremely excited and scared about at the same time). Going back to New York will feel so good though ! :D

Anyway, so I have recently been into chairs and domestic objects but mostly chairs and tables and furniture, hence the chair performance and chair models and three dimensional chair collage ( which I will soon provide pictures of).  Also, fabric collages and paintings, bla bla bla here are some images.

New Inspiration:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Need for an emotional update just this once, i promise.

I got in as a transfer into The Cooper Union for architecture. whoa/ omg/ yay/ uh oh.

 I apologize for not being able to put into real words how I feel beside that I am excited, nervous, scared, excited, happy, relieved, worried, afraid to be a 20 year old freshman (weird), moving back to NYC :) , being among best friends again? Transferring for a SECOND time, this time not in art but still in something that is very similar to my way of working. I need guidance. I need to take a breath, I need a break for thinking time this is all so much to think about while I'm preparing for my review board.

Status of 7 page paper because of Cooper news: 2/7
status of video because of cooper news: digitized one channel not even edited ( 40% done)
status of sculpture because of cooper news: 60% done

New performance series soon to be filmed if I can put myself together! (Hopefully within the next few hours!)